TerraOasis is a small, family-operated farm providing board and leasing of horses. The farm features a six-stall barn, outdoor arena, and six paddocks on 15 acres.

Life on TerraOasis revolves around horses, and they know it. Those members of the equine genus who live on TerraOasis sometimes like to pretend they are not domesticated - usually when the weather is nice and there is work to do. However, when the weather is too hot, too cold or too buggy, they are quite happy to live the life of a pampered pony.

Although small, TerraOasis is a full boarding and training operation. Care and feeding are among the first and last activities of the day. Riding and maintaining the facility occupy much of the remaining free time.


Riders at TerraOasis have an assortment of options.

The arena is twenty four by forty eight meters with sand footing. It is configurable as a small dressage ring or for jumping.

Landscape lighting along the sides provides just enough illumination to ride at night. Evergreen trees along the north and west sides provide protection from wind.

If more space is needed, jumps can be set up in any of the paddocks. Or riders may simply hack about in one of the fields.

Riding trails are accessible from the farm without leaving the saddle. Many of the nearby property owners allow riding, and there are wide verges along many of the public roads. Within a short driving distance (by horse trailer, of course) are several parks where there is trail riding, cross country jumping, and many horse events.

Horse Pictures

View these and many more horse pictures by Doug Gorton on www.iRealm.org/Horseplay.


TerraOasis Farm is environmentally conscious.

  • Conserving water & electricity
  • Using composted stall bedding & kitchen vegetable waste instead of chemical fertilizers
  • Using natural alternatives to control flys and invasive insects
  • Selecting trees, shrubs and other plants that are indigenous to the region.

We continuously look for ways to operate in greater harmony with the surrounding environment, and reinforce the sense of place.