About TerraOasis

TerraOasis is several things. It is:

  • the name of our small farm and residence located in Loudoun County, near the Blue Ridge of Virginia
  • An equestrian facility operated as a small business to board, train and sell horses
  • The web site bearing the TerraOasis domain name

The name TerraOasis derives from our desire to live in pastoral surroundings -- just a few acres of our own where we could retreat from the omnipresent bustle of the metropolitan area. If not overly imaginative, TerraOasis was meant to translate as our country refuge.

Our first small acreage -- Appelveldt Farm -- was already named when we moved in, and it didn't seem proper to rename it. Appelveldt was our learner farm, with a cottage, barn and four paddocks, where we kept a few horses to ride. TerraOasis was built from the ground, up. The buildings, arena, fencing and layout were meticulously planned from the start.

Good things are often better when shared, and so it was with our country refuge. There are lots of people like us who enjoy horses and riding. Yet they prefer to entrust the day-to-day care of their horses to someone else. So, what began as a personal endeavor blossomed into a small business. TerraOasis farm became a boarding barn.

TerraOasis Web Site

Our web site started as an interest entirely separate from the farm - a study on internet technology. It was originally created as a sand box to learn things like: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, DNS and open source tools like PHP, MySQL, Apache and Linux.

These two interests eventually came together as TerraOasis.com.

The present site is merely the latest version in a progression of designs, each attempting to capture the essence of the pastoral lifestyle, once even including images of landscape paintings from the Romantic period. From this general theme evolved a set of design conventions:

  • use of green and blue as the dominant colors
  • an image of a horse
  • an image of one or more trees
  • sometimes an image of the sun or sky

While these choices symbolize nature and the pastoral landscape generally, they are also intended to represent our local landscape specifically. There is not a more verdant and beautiful place than the Virginia Piedmont country in the springtime.

On a technical note, this version of the web site was developed to be fully compliant with XHTML and CSS standards, as defined by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). That may not be remarkable for the professionals out there, but something this amateur has worked long and hard to accomplish.

Thank you for visiting TerraOasis.