Wednesday July 9

Icelandair Flight FI 644 was initially reported as delayed but boarded and departed on time. By 2058 the Boeing 757-200 turned north on the way to Reykjavik. It was lights-out for me. I intended to sleep as much as possible until we arrived.

Thursday July 10

Having slept off and on for most of the first leg, I woke to the intercom announcing we were 20 minutes out. Touchdown was at 5 minutes to 6 local time at Keflavik airport. The landscape was treeless, and the airport socked-in by a dense cloud cover. It was a bracing 50 degrees Fahrenheit and misty as we disembarked from the plane onto a bus to the terminal.

After a brief layover we boarded Icelandair FI 542 for Charles De Gaulle airport. Wheels-up was at 0754. White caps along the coast were just visible before we ascended into the dense cloud cover. I continued to nap, waking only twice before Paris: once while passing over the Scottish Isles, and later while crossing the English channel (around 1025 local).

Not long after, we were descending into Paris, with estimated 29 minutes to arrival. Touchdown at 1155 local. We proceeded to baggage claim, withdrew some cash, bought train tickets, and boarded the RER B to the Port Royal station. From there we walked to the apartment.

A few papers needed to be signed and we received the keys do the apartment. The neighborhood included an open market area on Rue Mouffetard, literally outside our door. We could shop for fresh produce, bread, wine even rotisserie chicken and potatoes (poulette and pommes).

We did just that several times. The first night though we dined at a local restaurant – Les Caves De Bourgogne.